October 21, 2007

Homeschooling a Drama Queen (or two)

This is my M, Drama Queen Extraordinaire. She's cutting her eyes at her sisters because she doesn't want to do her math work and she wants them to take the blame for the fact that she can't find a pencil, even though there was a cup full of pencils in the kitchen!

Mark my words: she's Broadway bound! Want to see?

She was ranting--I mean acting--like this for a few minutes. I calmly diffused her antics by pointing the camera at her. So what you see is her carrying on but personally knowing she's acting crazy about the whole episode. Once I was done shooting the video, she magically found her pencil and finished her work.

Imagine this: her twin, Drama Queen Mega-Extraordinaire, is exactly the same way. She'll surely join, if not beat, her sister on the stage. Here is a picure I took a month ago when she was going on and on and on about having to do her--you guessed it--her math (simple addition, by the way). She was crying and fussing at me--until I snapped the shutter! At the click of the camera, she'd put on the biggest smile with the happiest look! Go figure (pun intended)...within seconds she was finishing up her math. :)

A camera sure does my drama queens good around here--and keeps the peace so they can get their work done! Of course, I could have sent both the girls to their rooms until they could return civilized, but their persistent little selves would still be sitting on their beds crying about math. Thank God for the camera that puts a smile on their faces and makes them forget all about their troubles!

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Shauna said...

Your girls are beautiful, drama queens though they may be!

I may have to try this technique! I try to acknowledge my daughter's emotions and accept them for what they are, but humor seems to work best for us. Even when people are extra-sensitive, they still need to learn how to manage their big feelings. Sometimes I just tell my drama queen that I know she's really upset, but she needs to find a way to express her disappointment without making everyone else suffer. I know some adults who have trouble with this concept too!