October 19, 2007

What quiets my baby?

Not necessarily his blanket, not always his paci, sometimes his sisters, a lot of times his daddy, most times his mother...but always--I mean always--Alan Jackson! This boy will fall asleep in a matter of seconds as soon as I turn on AJ's hymn CD.

I'll show you...
From last night, a picture of a very tired, fussy and frustrated Micah laying in his crib:

This is 30 seconds later...the very same baby sleeping peacefully to the soothing tones of AJ:

Now if Baby Micah is anything like his singing sisters (who think the entire world is an open stage!), then I invision a pair of boots, a guitar and a trip to Nashville in his future!

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Heather said...

Hilarious Melinda!

Heather W