October 15, 2007

Uh Oh, I got too creative...

I spent this past weekend organizing photos and updating my scrapbooks. I so enjoy this activity--it's therapy for busy crazy, busy days. I seized the opportunity to crop lots of pictures of the kids, their friends and our family outings. I cut out paper bling to enhance my pages. I experimented with my scrapbook software, Memory Manager by Creative Memories (excellent software, by the way!) and, though I like digitizing my scrapbooks, nothing compares to holding scissors/trimmer/punches to paper/pictures and with a clip and a snip...you have a marvelous pages of memories!

But after all my creating, and feeling good about my accomplishments, I turned my attention to my daughter's hair. If I can cut paper in a straight line, surely I can cut hair, right? It was getting too long and shaggy-looking and just needed some, um, cropping. So I took my scissors, snipped a little here and little there, evened it up, stood back...and almost cried! I'm so NOT a beautician!

But don't you think she looks cute in her CROP CHOP? I keep telling myself that layers are the look for this fall. Besides short hair brings out the beauty in her eyes, don't you think?

Truthfully it doesn't look all that bad...from the front! But if you check out the back, you'll see my (non)handiwork.
Hopefully Danielle at Palmetto Styles, our favorite hairdesser, has returned from maternity leave so that she can whip up some magic with her scissors and fix my faulty creativity. Until then, K wanted to leave you with a laugh (because that's all we can do is find the humor in my creative craziness.)

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acboyd said...

I love the new Micah picture. He is certainly growing fast before my eyes. Can't wait to see him!
K's hair do isn't all that bad. Remember when mom use to cut our hair?