October 30, 2007

My groovy life

See this doll? Seemingly harmless enough, right? Oh, no, no, no! This doll, or rather, this picture of this doll has radically changed my life.

As of yesterday life was rocking along at a smooth (well smooth for us) pace. Life was good. My girls were learning to read and write and do basic math. For the most part they engaged in learning, even if the topic was my idea.

But as of 4pm this afternoon they have discovered that all this learning has benefits. Benefits like knowing that the computer keyboard spells words. Just like writing in their journal, they can type things on the computer. Things like their names in the Google searchbar. And find dolls named especially for them.

This doll is named Kenna and she belongs to the Groovy Girl collection. And you guessed it: my Kenna discovered her while googling her own name. And did you know that this Groovy Kenna also has a swimming pool, kayak and treehouse in her collection. And as you may have guessed, too, my Truly Groovy Kenna now wants her.

Oh, life used to be so simple. They always knew that computer held all the info they could ever need. But now they are discovering all that info just for themselves.

All I can say is WATCH OUT WORLD!!!! You never know what my groovy kids will discover and what they will do with their newfound groovy knowledge. :)

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