October 12, 2007

Shhhh...Did you hear that?

Of course you didn't hear anything because the midlands area of SC has been quiet for the past few days. Why? Because K and M are on vacation! They have spent the past 3 days playing at the beach. My mom attended a conference and took my dad and the girls for company. Last year they took CG with them; so it was M and K's turn this year. I didn't realize how quiet my house is without the vivacious and comical twins! (Though it was probably a long 72 hours for my parents.)

But...whew...I'm tired! CG and I crammed as much mother-daughter fun into 3 days as we could. Wednesday we visited some old friends near Charlotte. We've been friends forever it seems. CG and Shelby met each other in Greenwood when they were 2-years-old. Oh, how they've grown. We can go months without seeing Shelby's family, but we always pick up where we left off. What a blessing it is to have such great friends! Shelby's mom is Tracie, who is one of my dearest friends!

Thursday we had a field trip to learn about Native Americans, played at the park with some new friends. I've known this mom for a few years now but we never got together to let the kids play. She has a 3rd grader and twins that are in kindergarten. So we also have a lot in common.

Friday we slept in (as much as you can with a 4-month-old) and developed our fair pictures so that we could scrapbook them. While we waited on the pictures, we had lunch at Moe's (CG's choice) and bought BB a chewing bone and a new collar (one of CG's favorite pasttimes is shopping for her puppy!).

Though we had fun together, CG missed her sisters. Here's their welcome home gift (completely initiated by CG with no help from me--what a sweet big sis!):

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