October 2, 2007

It's amazing I even survived childhood!

I took Baby M to the doc today for his 4-month-old checkup. And shots. Oh, those horrible shots. The nurse turned my happy, babbling (almost 14lb.) bundle of joy into a scream machine! I understand why he needs his vaccines, but does he really have to have four shots at a time?! He had four last time, too, at 2-months. It gets worse, the next time I take him in, it will be for his 6-month checkup and he'll receive five shots. So in the little life that he's lived, by the time he's half a year old, he will have had more shots than I've had in my entire life! How in the world have I lived so long? According to today's standards, I haven't been adaquately vaccinated. I've even had the chicken pox. But my son never will. He shouldn't even get pnuemonia. Or Hepititis something.

I guess I should be happy that the medical community is looking out for my little guy and finding ways to combat deadly diseases. It's just frustrating thinking about all the require vaccinations the babies are receiving today versus the meager amounts my generation was given.

Speaking of shots...in a few weeks I'll take my twins in for their 6-year-old checkup. They'll finally get their 4-year-old shots--4 of them each! God has exceptionally blessed us with healthy children. I can count on one hand, with a finger leftover, the amount of antibiotics I've used for all three of my girls in the past 7 years. Honestly I haven't even thought much about taking the girls in for well-child checkups. But having to immuninize the baby made me think to update their shot records. And now I'll have to do the inevitable--subject a set of twins to eight! shots between the two of them. Poor kids. Please pray for them. And me, too.


On a lighter note...check out this precious picture of M reading to the baby. She is working hard to read books and she loves every bit of this learning process. I thought I'd never see the day that she and her sister could read, but they are doing so well during this slow but steady process of reading.
What was M's partner in crime doing while she was reading to her little brother? I'm so glad you asked because K was creating her very own diorama of Adam and Eve in the garden. She wasn't told to do this, no one showed her what to do, "I just thought it up herself," she says--I didn't even know what she was doing until she was done. Quite clever, don't you think!

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