September 20, 2007

Another new pet

This is our newest pet for our ever-expanding collection, a common house lizard named--ready for this?--Lizzy! :) We have been studying The Salamander Room this week and have been learning all about vertebrates, namely reptiles and amphibians. Sadly we haven't seen a salamander during our nature walks, but we're going to the zoo tomorrow to see if they have one on display. We're also hoping to see some reptiles like snakes since they are so much more interesting behind glass!

With all these new "pets" my nature lovers have acquired comes the added responsibility of feeding them. Now I don't do bugs. I don't like to look at the them and I definitely don't care to go find them. Yuck! But the girls think nothing of patiently waiting--with their bug vacuum in hand, of course--for fly or a moth. Then ZAP! our pets have lunch.

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