September 14, 2007

Stuck on Band-aids...

My kids love band-aids. Doesn't matter if they are square, round, plain tan, Hello Kitty, rainbow, tatoo, butterfly or glow in the dark. They just love them! And they don't care if they really have a need for one. According to them, anything that comes in contact with their skin--whether it damages it or not, whether there is blood or not--deserves a band-aid.

When the dog jumps up on them and dirties their upper leg, they need one. When they trip on a stick, they need one. When their sister pokes them in the eye or if a mosquito bites their arm, they feel need one. When they fall off their bike and bang up a knee, they really need one, but they put two on each knee, one on their shin and three on their elbow, even though their arms never touched the ground.

Band-aids apparently have super powers to destroy even the toughest, though harmless, ouchie. Besides they spur creativity.

A few years ago, when my girls were in the 3-4 year-old range, I was finishing up a project for a client while the kids were quietly playing in their rooms. Or at least I thought that's what they were doing. Turns out, they were hiding in the bathroom closet decorating each other guessed! They had opened a variety box, the ones with all the various sizes, and covered both of their arms from the wrist to the elbows. "Look, mom," they said when they were busted, "it's our new bracelets!"

Santa could fill their Christmas stockings with band-aids and these band-aid bandits would think that was the greatest gift.

I, on the other hand, am tired of constantly buying replacement bandages and never being able to have them when we really legitamately have to have one. I've been trying to break the girls from their band-aid fettish for years. I stay away from the band-aid ilse at the store because they plead for a box of the sticky covers more than they beg for candy at the checkout! And when I do buy some, I hide them immediately...but the kids' super radars pick up the trail. And the box is depleted before some child has "gush blood" (as my twins call it) streaming from their knee after they and the bike collide with the driveway.

But they have gone weeks without a single band-aid, thanks to Burt Bees ResQ Ointment. We love this stinky stuff! A child scrapes her finger, I rub on some of this salve and all is well. One daughter had a scratch from rough-housing with her sister, the "green goodness" whisked away the discomfort. I only have to put a thin dab on the "hurt" child and they are magically healed. The best part: this tiny tub of stuff will last forever!

Now my curent box of band-aids should last for awhile. With all the money I'll save by not restocking my supply of skin stickers, I should be able to try some other products from Burt Bees. You think Burt has a cure for my kids' other pastime--depleting our rolls of toilet paper?

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