September 28, 2007

Puppy chow

This is our sweet ol' black lab, Black Beauty (we call her BB):

This, apparently, was her lunch:

I know man does not live on bread alone, and I suppose dogs don't either. :) The girls, who have taken up reading everything in sight these days, took this reader outside. I guess they got distracted by something and put it down on the porch somewhere. Our lovely lab eats anything and everything she can get her paws on. She's almost a year old and has calmed down tremendously over the summer. Hopefully her joyful chewing will wane soon, too! Of course, later this evening, I was informed that she was out of puppy chow. So off to Walmart I went to get her something more nutritious to munch on.

But on to other happenings guys would be so proud of my girls! Today was one of those days that my eyelids could not stay open any longer. Getting up with the baby during the night is taking its toll and I needed a nap. I begged the girls to quietly play, thinking they'd only give me 15-20 minutes. They gave me 2 hours! I was able to wake up feeling somewhat rested. And while I was asleep, the girls cleaned the house! All on their own! They swept and swiffered the kitchen and dining room floors, they took all the dirty clothes out of the bathroom and put them by the washing machine and they cleaned a week's worth of school projects off the kitchen table. What a treat! Now I may not be able to find everything, but, hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

And these are the same girls who would never, not ever let me nap while I was pregnant. They were always up to some sort of mischief: climbing out of bedroom windows, turning the TV volume up too loud just to aggravate each other, running through the woods with or without clothes, playing inside the car, etc, etc. But today, bless their hearts, they cleaned! M said Jesus whispered in her ear that she should help her mommy and she recruited her sisters. I love it when they listen!

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shanna said...


I love your blog. It helps me keep up with you since I'm sucha horrible keep-in-toucher. :)