September 18, 2007

Help the poorest of the poor

You know all those basic supplies we take for granted--things like soap, antibiotic ointment, bandaids? The people in Africa can't just stop by their local discount store to pick up toothpaste and kleenexes and body lotion, but we can send these LIFE SAVING items to them. Bright Hope International is committed to doing just that--supplying much-needed supplies to the world's poorest people, the people who live on less than a dollar a day.

Check out this website:

Since thousands die each day due to a lack of basic medical care, Bright Hope is coordinating efforts to send 50,000 boxes to the remotest parts of Africa. Buy an empty white box from them, let your kids decorate it and then fill it with the necessary supplies. The $10 for each box includes shipping and a Bible written in the child's native language. All the requested items are available on the travel/samples isle at Target or Walmart.

On the website you also have the opportunity to purchase more Bibles, mosquito nets and blankets. I can't believe a simple thing like a mosquito net can save a life!

Here are the kids decorating and then supplying their boxes (while they were busy, they kept talking about how they might be missionaries to Africa one day, but first they wanted to cowgirls. ;) ):

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