September 16, 2007

Learning to Read

K and M are learning how to read using Phonics Pathways, which has been a great tool for all my girls. Letters and sounds have suddenly come alive to them and they are very eager to begin reading books all on their own. I thought I'd share with you some of the things they are doing. K is pictured on the couch reading a page from her My Father's World Bible Reader. After she finishes reading, she summarizes a sentence in her notebook (primary composition book) and illustrates what she just read. Of course M does the exact same thing in her notebook.

Most people are interested in how I teach a set of twins. Honestly, I don't. Actually they sort of teach each other. I just facilitate, it seems. I spend individual time with them working on reading, but math we cover together. When I'm done introducing whatever concept we're trying to learn, they put their heads together and master it themselves. It's a unique (but tiring!) priviledge to watch these identicals in action.

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Kate said...

That drawing is adorable! My 5 year old is learning to read too! He just read his first 12 words Friday and I was so thrilled to finally see the youngest start to read! Glad to have found your blog!