September 17, 2007

Our new pet

Today CG found a praying mantis on our backporch. My kids' radar eyes will sense the smallest creature, even the 3 inch mantis 5 feet higher than their line of sight. From birth, it seems, they'd find some "nature"--as they call anything that grows outside the house--and I'd help them look up any pertinent information. Until today. When CG found the insect she caught, placed it into the nearest plastic container she could find and took it to our bookshelves to search for the book that mentioned a praying mantis. Sure enough she found it and excitedly read for herself all about the mantis. This is learning at its finest, folks!

We then moved the mantis into a smaller glass container with some misted green leaves so we could watch it eat. But what to feed it? And how to catch the food? Never fear, the bug vac was here! CG found her bug gun that sucks up insects into an observation chamber. So she used it on an unsuspecting fly and the mantis had dinner!

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