September 17, 2008

All day with my kids: Day 3

We had another great day together! It was fairly simple because we finished the bulk of the schoolwork before lunch because we needed the afternoon to prepare for our presentation of Georgia and Florida tomorrow. The girls are excited about their presentation and have owned it since I mentioned that we were doing it. Homeschooling is so much easier when the kids enjoy what they are they are doing so much that their excitement truly motivates them to continue researching and reading and learning.

I've been thinking about why, after over 8.5 years of parenting, I'm only now beginning to understand that my children need my complete, uninterrupted, undivided attention. Last year I read through parts of Raising Your Spirited Child (because together the twins have more spirit than a stadium full of football fans) and I realized that I need to withdraw to re-energize. Nothing wrong with long as I don't withdraw for too long of a time. Basically, I can't be selfish with my personal time. I can't just mentally or physically disappear for an extended period of time.

I've also noted that my children haven't taken advantage of me being around all the time. I was afraid that they would come to view me as an extra child, sort of a tag-along friend. But they've actually respected my company more, it seems. Before they would challenge everything I said. But since I'm always to encourage and enforce proper behavior, then they've risen to the challenges set before them.

So now I know that if I begin every morning by
  1. prayerfully considering my day's plans and my children
  2. purposing to wholeheartedly serve them by making myself available to their spiritual, academic and emotional needs
  3. preparing healthy meals and drinking lots of water so that I maintain my stamina

then my day runs smoother. And my children are happier. And I'm much more content with my family and homeschool.

Yep, I'm exhausted at the day's end, but I sure do sleep better.

So enough of my rambling updates on what's going on with my family. I'll get back to posting the fun stuff from the kids and not the turmoil in my little head, I promise. :)

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Denise said...

This is an encouragement to me, and I must try it!! I just picked up a copy of that book per FIAR board recommendations....I know all about spirited children. We've got to get some attitude issues out of the for the next few days: no tv or computer for them, no prepackaged foods (dh bought junky cereal last week..I bet that has something to do with our days lately), and me starting my day in the Word. I pray (like you) I get good results!! Plus I sure need to get to bed earlier...need to take advantage of baby only getting up once per night!

Denise in FL (fellow FIAR mom)