September 4, 2008

Toothless Twirling Twin

Well, Kenna's tooth finally fell out Wednesday night. As we were driving home from church, she and Mabry sat in the back seat playing some sort of weird name-this-thing game where one of them closes their eyes while the other puts something in her mouth. So Mabry put a circular metal ornament thingy in Kenna's mouth. Kenna bit, Mabry pulled.
And the tooth fairy left the second presidential dollar in the past 10 days.
Now, as you know, all three girls twirl batons. Sooner or later a baton is going to knock out a tooth or two, but so far the girls have managed to keep a tight reign on their twirling sticks.
I will say that Kenna has an exceptional knack for all things creative. I'd thought you'd like to see her practice flow-chart:
I'm really not sure what all the figures mean but she does. She carefully planned out her practice steps. If you look closely, you'll see two figures standing on their heads. That's because they are doing cartwheels. Which explains why their hair is just hanging down. The child will run into a wall because she didn't see it, but she sure puts some details into her sketches.
Anyway, here she is twirling while standing on the couch. Why she is on the couch, I'll never know. But she has mastered the jump-off-the-couch/spin-in-the-air/flip-a-cartwheel/land-in-a-split move. (See flowchart--it's all on there.)
Just for fun, here are both of the snaggles:
Can you tell who is who?
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