September 8, 2008

Meet Frank

Years ago, when I had one 2-year-old and two 1-year-olds toddling about, I bought a paper model for skeleton at our local $1 store. Amazingly I found it just in time for our study of bones.

So meet Frank, our resident skeleton:

Sadly Frank lived a short life. Though it took an entire week to cut him out and glue him together, Mini Monster Boy took mere seconds to rip, tear and crumble him into tiny pieces.

Farewell, Frank. You taught us much in you short life.

I read Frank's last words to the girls and Cayli Grace paraphased them in her science notebook:
"We have 206 bones in our bodies. If you were made twice, you would have 412 bones in your body. And it's hard to believe that there are 20 bones in your skull. Half of all your bones are in your hands and feet. Each hand has 26 bones in it."

Since Frank taught the placements of the bones, I took pictures of the girls and had them label some of their main bones in their science notebooks:

They think it's funny that they can proudly say, "maaaammmaaaaa, she kicked me in the patella" and "mmmooooommmmm, she elbowed me with the end of her humerus."
Gotta love kids with knowledge from a paper skeleton.

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