September 1, 2008

Farewell to Summer

For this Labor Day weekend, we treated the kiddos to Micah's first beach trip. Being a boy, he already loves water and dirt, so he was truly in heaven on the shore. I couldn't keep him still enough for a picture, so I have a collection of random images where I mainly caught his backside or only half his profile as he walked out of my viewfinder.
Our favorite beach houses a lighthouse. I didn't climb it all, but the Matt and the girls did. I got the luxury of sitting in the air-conditioned car while baby beach bum deeply napped.
Matt took the picture of the girls on the top of the lighthouse:
And one of the girls took a picture from that viewpoint:
I'm sad that summer is winding to a close. Of course, here in the South the summer last far longer than the calendar says it should, since today's high is in the 90s and there's no stopping this stifling heat.
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