September 16, 2008

With my kids all day long: Day 2

Since I've purposed to be a continued presence with my children, today was another great day. Exhausting--and let's just say that I'm very glad they are in bed--but decidedly great.

Though I'd prefer to be done with academics by lunch, school is spilling over well into the afternoon and even even into the evening. We're making posters, writing stories, reading for pleasure, asking questions, learning answers.

As I think about how my kids are wired with incurable curiosity, and how much staminia I require to meet their needs, I've come to realize that it's not school we're doing all day long--it's life.

I'm simply setting the tone for a life of learning. In this day and age, my kids will never know a gap in their education that they can't Google later. So we just rock away with whatever they are interested in...I have a plan in pencil just in case they find themselves at a loss.

But so far, they are never without an idea. They continue to absorb everything--passionately and eagerly.

Here's a picture of them making a poster for our 50 States Co-op on Thursday:

Apparently they also learn better when they are on top of the table. :)

We also ditched our language arts plans for the week. Matthew has been reading the Narnia series to the girls over the past few months, much to Mabry's delight. So today, instead of an official lesson regarding the use of a and an that I had originally planned, we wrote a song about the Narnia storyline, per her request. She's my thriving reader but hesitant writer, so I did most of the writing. She did the research, though, by looking through the books to create a list of characters and settings so that our song could be fairly authentic. We still would like to write another verse or two, so we'll continue this project tomorrow and post our results later this week.

I will say that I was amazed at how efficient my to-do lists seems, even though I don't have as much time to get everything done. I'm off to bed now with a clean kitchen, plans for tomorrow, two completed graphic design projects and another in the works, and a happy heart. :)

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