September 23, 2008

Family Mysteries

Why is it that...

Puppy dogs think brand new jazz shoes are tasty?

Toddler boys are fascinated by wads of toilet paper?

The girls can't walk by a dry-erase board without rendering a self-portrait?

And this child is feverently focused on traveling to Botswana (betcha have to look it up!) one day?

Yep, Kenna is packing her bags for Botswana. She wants to go YESTERDAY!
Thanks to National Geographic, she has fallen in love with the scenery and wildlife and thinks we can stowaway an exotic leopard for a return trip home (don't you love the precious innocence of little kids?).
Thanks to our online research of the country, though, we've learned that the average life expectancy for an adult male is 36 year old, as much as 40% of the population is infected with AIDS and medical care is almost nil. Amazingly, diamonds are the nation's leading export...but seldom do they benefit the sick.
So now Kenna also wants to help the medical crisis. I'm not sure where all her interests will lead, but I know that she's persistent enough to make her dreams happen. I'm thankful that God has given her a heart for this country and I'm amazed at her continued perserverance by learning about Botswana and begging to travel. Will you pray for her, that she will be able to go at some point in her life? And will you please pray for the dire people of Botswana?
Her love for Botswana is truly a mystery to me, but I know it's straight from her heart. If only to be a child again, knowing that I can solve all the world's problems.

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Shirley said...

Nice post!! Love your kids, they are so sweet.