September 25, 2008

Tea and Poetry

Thursdays are our exploration days of sorts. We ditched the workbooks and texts and opt for discovering the world around us. Our morning starts as usual with our continued reading of the Little House on the Prairie series at breakfast. Today, though, instead of grumbling through two pages of math, we enjoyed a pleasant morning with tea on our backporch. I gave the girls a few minutes to find a poem about autumn to read to each other. Then they set up our tea "picnic" with a large blanket on the floor and a piece of scrap fabric covering a large overturned box.

The girls thought the weather was cold, so they bundled up in jackets and fleece. I found it pleasantly nice. They are used to finding the morning temp around 90 degrees, so 75 made them shiver as they read through some Robert Frost and Shel Silverstein.
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Edwena said...

Sounds like wonderful fun!!!