November 6, 2007

40 Ways to Pray (for your children)

My Sunday School class has been hearing an excellent series about praying for our children. The lessons have also awakened a desire to be more purposeful when praying for my kids since "oh, Lord, let my kids have a good day" just doesn't make the cut anymore. My little ladies are rapidly developing their own personalities and talents. I need God more than ever to help direct them.

I remembered I had seen a list years ago with ideas of how to pray for kids. I googled "31 ways to pray" and found a few lists. But those list didn't include many of the prayers that my children desperately need--prayers for patience and contentment, to name a few. So I decided to make up my own list for my children. I'm sharing it with you so that maybe you will be inspired to borrow this one or create a similar list and purpose to pray for your child(ren).

I pray that my children will...

Find salvation through Jesus
Know that God has a plan for their life
Develop Godly friendships
Be Cheerful
Show Compassion
Practice humility
Exemplify a Christian worldview
Be confident
Be content
Be generous
Find freedom from fear
Have a teachable spirit
Practice discernment
Keep their faith in God
Offer Forgiveness
Demonstrate gentleness
Devote their lives to God
Have plenty of patience
Always be honest
Have abundant joy
Show kindness
Be knowledgeable
Develop a heart for missions
Show gratitude
Serve others
Practice self-control
Know God
Honor God
Worship Christ
Further God's kingdom
Develop solid Bible study habits
Have a good name
Focus their thoughts
Stand firm in their beliefs
Be blessed with good health and protection
Be obedient
Make wise decisons
May they find us, as parents, worthy of their following

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