November 16, 2007

We should have bought a Mac!

After 3 days of relentless headaches and constant frustration, my computer is finally working again. It started slowing down last weekend and came crashing down Monday afternoon after I grew tired of not being able to access particular homeschool-related sites. I tried adjusting the parental controls of our online security system. I thought I had the proper clearance to do so because I knew the correct passcode and I am, after all, the parent!, but the system pretended not to recognize me and began shutting down my online sites and other software programs one by one. :(

I'm a tried and true Macintosh fan and can barely tolerate anything less, so I'm always fighting this stupid PC! I mean really...who really wants to work on a blah and boring tempermental HP?

The difference between a Mac and a run-of-the-mill PC is like driving to the beach. You can take your time on the country backroads while enjoying the view or you can drive on the crowded, congested, bumper to bumper interstate. Either way, you'll get to the beach, you'll just be more pleasant upon arriving if you didn't have to fight a bottleneck the entire way.

Okay, now don't read too much into my analogy. :) Just know that Mac's are far superior and have very little problems. In all my years of using Macs, I never had to reinstall our startup software and reconfigure the registery and all the other techno-stuff I had to do to get my computer up and running again.

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