November 12, 2007

Baby Micah's Baby Dedication

Watch it here. It's within the first few moments of the service. There's a song, a baptism, another hymn and then the babies. We're first (gotta love the alphabet!) and Baby Micah's best bud, Baby Gage, is third. This was the first time we've dedicated one of our children at First Baptist and the church was very encouraging and thoughtful throughout the process. It was also the very first time that all of our names were pronounced correctly! :) I could write mulitple paragraphs on the spiritual implications of our baby dedication, but truthfully, we entrusted Micah to God with the first pregnancy test. We know God has great plans for this baby, and we're excited to be a part of them!

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Elysa said...

WOO-HOO for correct name pronunciation!!!! With a name like Elysa, I've been called Eliza, Elijah, Alyssa, Elisha, even EliPa! Honestly!

And when we were married, our officiating minister said it about 4 or 5 different ways. Guess he figured he'd just try 'em all out and eventually hit on a right one! LOL!

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See you on the FIAR boards!
Elysa Mac :)