November 28, 2007

Our Photo Shoot

A few days before Thanksgiving the girls were involved in a casual photo shoot for the Springdale House, a soon-to-be marvelous place to hold a wedding or other gathering. One day I'll have to blog about how this whole place came to be. For the shoot, M and K wore the dresses and headpieces the wore as flower girls last November and Addison had on a borrowed tux. Cute, huh?

The funny thing about this whole set-up, is that the guys were finally available to pour the concrete porches. So we had to work around the workmen. You know, 3 distractable 6-year-olds and big men with interesting tools and dirty boots made for some unique pictures.

Now if you don't know by now, M and Addison plan on marrying in the future and living on a ranch in Texas. But to love M is to love here is Addison and his girls (preparing to sing at church):

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Tracie said...

what cute pictures.

Charlie Wallace said...


You have a great blog! I would love to link it on the FirstKids blog with your permission. I understand if you do not want it linked. See you and your family on Sunday!

Melinda said...

Charlie, a link will be fine. I hope my blog will be able to encourage someone. :)