November 4, 2007

CG's Big Day!

This morning CG played As the Deer on her violin in Sunday School. She was a bit nervous but she bravely continued playing. Her music was wonderful! And I had the pleasure of accompanying her on my violin (though I had to dust it off first :) ).
The kids at church have been studying the Fruits of the Spirit and today's lessons focused on faithfulness and loyalty. CG has exemplified both during the past week as she initiatied her practice sessions and daily focused on her music.
My prayer for her and my other kiddos is that al of them will remain faithful to their God and develop a thirst of His work...just like the deer, as CG played.
Because of today and all the practice she has done, she is interested in learning to play some Christmas songs. We'll try to add a few pieces to her repertoire.
(Oh, the cute little pigtails in front of CG belong to her friend Rachel who acted as our music stand. Thanks Rachel!)

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