November 8, 2007

Yep, I've been playing :)

Whatcha think about my new header?

I just discovered digital scrapbooking. Well, I known it's been around for awhile, I just hadn't taken the time to explore all the options available for the medium. But I've been feeling a bit blah and fatiqued (the baby was up every two hours last night!), so I gave myself some quiet time in front of the computer while the kids finished their math.

First of all, I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Elements. I get 30 days to play with it. So far I'm loving it. It's basically a waterdowned version of the powerful Photoshop, which I used during my graphic design days. But PS Elements has everything you need. You can download your trial here. (I will say, though, I'm very, very eager to get my hands on a copy of Creative Memories' Storybook Creator Plus, because I bet it's even easier to use and better geared towards us scrappers.)

Then I found two sites full of great "paper" backgrounds, embellishments and font freebies:

These will get you started. Freely explore them and see what they offer. All sites sell, but many offer lots of free goodies to try.

A word of WARNING! This is seriously addictive! Go ahead and throw dinner in the crockpot before you start or your kids will be hungry and your husband will not be happy!


Tracie said...

Love the new look!!! Now I'm jealous!!!

Jennifer said...

Me, too!!! I am already semi-addicted to the blog thing(no laughing, Tracie, about how infrequently I am updating!!) Now, do you know how to get your blog to play your favorite tunes while folks read??? Then my kids may never eat agian!LOL

Melinda said...

Never fear, girls, 'cause I plan on making both of you a new header! Now, music...that would be fun, wouldn't it? I hadn't thought about it...yet! My kids will really miss their mommy if I start dabbling in adding MP3s!